Frequently Asked Questions & Tips

Tips On Assembling Your Boxes

tape your boxes as shown We supply boxes to you folded down. When you open them out we recommend that you fold the bottom flaps closed and tape them as shown here.

boxes bottoms falls out like this Do not lock the tabs together (below) because once the box is full they will fall apart when you are carrying them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Boxes and Cartons

Are your boxes strong?

  • Our "T-Chest" and "Crystal" cartons are double wall cartons which means they have 2 layers of corrugation.
  • Our "Book & Wine" cartons are single wall and have one layer of corrugation.

Our larger "T-Chest" boxes are more suited to medium to lighter weight items such as plastic kitchenware or pots and pans. Similarly, as the names suggest, the "Crystal" and "Book & Wine" cartons are smaller and are more suited to carrying heavier or fragile items such as books, crystal and so forth.

The strength of a box is also dependent on how it is packed. If boxes are packed to the brim then wha's inside will help add extra strength to the box.


Can you tell us what time the courier will arrive?

All our boxes and packaging are delivered via couriers. In order to keep prices down we have selected courier services that are able to deliver to you in a reasonable amount of time without blowing the budget. For this reason we are unable to give exact times of delivery.

Within the Sydney Metro area BoxesForMoving uses a next business day delivery courier service. This service operates between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Requesting more specific delivery times (including weekend and evening deliveries) increases courier charges to an unreasonable level. This means we can advise which day but we are unable to give specific times of delivery.

What if I cannot be home when my delivery is due to arrive?

If you are not going to be home on the delivery day, we can deliver to your neighbour or place of work. Just put these delivery details in the Delivery Instructions field when placing your order.

Can you give us a call prior to arriving?

Our regular couriers do not offer this service.

How are my boxes packed when they arrive?

For ease of delivery all our boxes are folded down and packed in bundles when they are delivered.

Can I pick my boxes up?

Yes, you are most welcome to do this. However, you will need to bring your credit card or cash with you and make payment for the boxes over the counter. You cannot order boxes via our website if you intend picking your boxes up, as our website is not set up to handle the purchase of boxes without delivery.

My boxes have arrived but I have not received my tape and my bubblewrap. Where are they?

Sometimes the bubblewrap and tape are packed in between one of the bundles of boxes. Please unwrap your parcels first to verify whether everything is packed in.

General & Trading

Can I return the boxes after I have finished with them?

Boxes for Moving sells new boxes at a reasonable price and we are not set up to accept boxes back once they have been used. We find that many people continue to use the boxes they buy from us, for storing household items or they are able to offer them to friends. Failing this our boxes are fully recyclable and can go out with all your other cardboard recyclables.

Do you do removals as well? Or can you recommend any removal companies?

We sell removal cartons but we do not handle the removal itself. We do not have a lot to do with any particular removal company so your best bet is probably to look up removalists in the yellow pages and find one in your area.

How many boxes will I need?

Everyone has a different amount of stuff to pack, so we offer a few different discount packs to suit the average requirements. See the details on each pack for a rough guide as to what may suit you best.

If you are not sure if you have enough you can always add more single items to your pack, or alternatively you can make up your own pack with the items that suit you most.


How is the freight calculated?

Freight is calculated according to how much you purchase and where you are located. Accurate delivery charges will be displayed once you have entered the quantity of items you wish to order.